At Game Changers, we are happy to provide sporting opportunities for every child. If we can provide a safe environment for kids to shine, and families don’t have to worry about the cost to play, we’re all about it! We are happy to provide free admission for all of our participants at Game Changers Idaho. Families already pay for therapy, equipment, traveling expenses, and extra supplies to provide the best lifestyle for their children, and whether those expenses are covered by insurance or not, it all can add up. We take pride that we can be a program where parents do not have to consider the finances when deciding to join. 


However, we do know that in order for any Organization to grow and be sustainable, it must be funded. We believe that with the support of our community we can do just that. Joining one of the groups below will help support overhead and administration so we can do the work to make our community a more accepting environment. Join us and become a Game Changer!


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The Fans

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