Friday Night Flag
Game Changers Boise, Idaho

Football Registration is Closed!

K-6th Graders (Junior Division)
Tuesday evening games
April 2nd – May 28th – 6:15pm – 7:15pm
Cole Valley High School

7th-12th Graders (Pro Division)
Thursday Evening Games
April 4th – May 30th
6:15pm – 7:30pm
Cole Valley High School (Meridian)

Game Changers Idaho provide Flag Football for children with and without disabilities in the grades of K-12th. We provide an opportunity for children to play with their peers in a safe environment. We teach children without disabilities how to care for others while playing sports and having fun. We believe we have the best volunteers right here as we are able to really teach them how to help others at such a young age. This program is free for all families as we offer a 7 week league and jersey. One on one assistance will be provided on the field for every athlete that needs it. Your job as a parent is to watch and enjoy your child play, just like any other parent.

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2024 Scores (Pro Division)

May 16
Harkla 21 Idaho Power 21
Taphouse 31 Datum 19
May 23

Royal Coffee



Idaho Power




Better Together 21 Harkla 19

2024 Team Standings

Pro Division

Team Wins Losses Ties Points For Points Against
Harkla 0 4 1 118 148
Datum 2 2 1 127 120
Idaho Power 2 2 1 77 60
Better Together 1 3 1 115 129
Taphouse 5 0 0 128 95
Royal Coffee 3 2 0 112 112

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