Game Changers Boise, Idaho

Company History

Game Changers Idaho became a 501(c)3 in September of 2018 located in Boise, Idaho. Founded by Gabriel Moreno, starting as a Flag Football Program, Game Changers has grown into offering multiple sporting opportunities for children with and without disabilities in the grades of K-12th.

Why is your company passionate about its services

We all know we can simply do a little more to make this world a better place. It seems on a day to day basis we hear more bad than what’s good in the world. We want to be an Organization where we can alter that, even just a bit. Our way of achieving that goal is by offering opportunities for children with and without disabilities to play sports together in our community. Doing this leads to bringing kids together from different backgrounds and showing the community what kids with disabilities are actually capable of doing. They can play sports to their fullest potential if they are given the chance. If they are willing to give us their best effort, they should be rewarded simply by being offered to play. There is so much more we can do in helping others and this is our way of doing it.

GCI's Board of Directors.