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February 3rd – April 20th (Saturdays)
3:00pm – 4:00pm
Championship Meet
Saturday, April 20th
K – 7th Grade
106 E 48th St, Boise, ID 83714

We are back for more Gymnastics! Going into year 5 we will be offering this Program to 30 kids in the grades of K – 7th. Meet our Gymnastics Director below!

Coach Brittani is a born and raised Boise, Idahoan with 12 years of competitive cheer under her belt, ending her career competing at the International Cheerleading Worlds Championship in 2016. She is currently studying both Elementary and Special Education from Boise State University. Brittani hopes to one day compete for the title of Miss USA.

10 Reasons to Enroll in Gymnastics

  1. Develop body control
  2. Establish goal setting skills
  3. Exercise your brain
  4. Practice social skills
  5. Strengthen coordination
  6. Develop listening skills
  7. Build confidence and self-esteem
  8. Build flexibility
  9. Build strength
  10. FUN!!!

Thanks to the summer Olympics and the amazing Team USA, gymnastics has entered the spotlight as a sport highlighted in grace and beauty and not to mention impossible skills that are executed effortlessly. When I started coaching gymnastics six years ago, and having not been a former gymnast myself, I too thought this was a sport that only those with years of dedication and experience could handle. I am here to tell you that I was wrong. At every age, this sport is for every person regardless of their abilities or so called “natural talent”. Through modification, accommodations and some hard work, anyone will find successes in gymnastics no matter how large or small. It is my goal that my athletes learn the value of hard work, dedication, and learning to get up when we fall down. That it’s okay to make mistakes and that not even coach is perfect.

Our cheer we do at the end of every class:

1,2,3 Gymnastics is for me! Whoo!

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