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Game Changers Boise, Idaho

Head Coach – As a Head Coach you will have the responsibility of managing your team, taking on communication to parents and providing the opportunity of playing sports for kids of all abilities.

1:1 Assistant Coach – As a 1:1 you will be partnered with a child with disability and be the eyes and ears and often physical assistant when they need extra guidance. The Head Coach will give instructions and you will ensure the Athlete accomplishes his/her task. The goal over time is to have the child be as independent as possible while playing over time.

Cone Crew – For Flag Football, we use colored cones to help communicate with the kids while playing. This volunteer must be mobile enough to get up and down a field. A very important role as when the teams are in the huddle, Cone Crew are placing the colored cones at certain positions so the coach can let the child know what color to go to.

Peer Mentor – K-12th grade children without disabilities will play alongside our Athletes. Our most favorite and important Volunteer position.

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