Lisa Beymer

Board Member

Welcome to the Game Changers Idaho family! My name is Lisa Beymer and I am honored to be a Board Member of GCI. My most important role in life is as a wife and mom. You may see our little family at GCI events every now and then, cheering enthusiastically in the background. My 6-year-old daughter is eagerly awaiting her opportunity to volunteer! I also have the honor of working in the College of Education at Boise State as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Special Education. My day-to-day role at the University is to teach undergraduate and graduate students who are becoming special education teachers, then supervising many of them during their final teaching experiences before graduation. (I may be biased, but it is the best job in the world!) In fact, GCI’s very own Gabriel Moreno was one of my very first students at Boise State! Since that semester together so many years ago, I feel honored to continue to collaborate with Gabriel in his mission to serve the athletes and families of GCI. As a person, a mother, and an educator, I believe fully in the mission of GCI. I am here and dedicated to support you all in whatever capacity I can.